July 2013

Good Looking Golfers Who Age Well

My oldest son subscribes to ESPN and the magazine comes to our house, although he no longer lives here. The Body Issue features Gary Player on the cover, more or less in the nude, and I was amazed at how good he looks - at 77 years old! no less. He's by far and away the oldest "body" in this issue, but maybe because I see so many older Baby Boomers (Charlie and I included) I found Gary Player to be really attractive.

In the July 19 issue of GolfWeek the wedge designer, Roger Callaway, is featured and he's another older golfer who has stayed in shape and looks terrific for someone nearly 80 (Roger Callaway is about the same age as my dad and looks so much like my father that I'm sending Dad this article. My father is in great shape, too.)