Keeping Greens Green

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune (Brutal Chicago winter taking toll on golf courses - by Teddy Greenstein) talks about how poorly many country club greens fared during the harsh winter that is barely over. A local country club whose greens were the envy of much bigger & richer clubs may have to rebuild most of theirs.

Whether or not this damage could have been mitigated with the use of special covers or mulching is a moot point. What is clear that using bluegrass (poa annua) instead of bentgrass is asking for trouble.

I have been a prairie steward for the past seven years and have seen first hand the difference between the way indigenous plants, trees and shrubs and nonnative/exotics tolerate extreme heat and cold. The non-natives, specifically the ornamental varieties, don't do well.

When the goal is to rid a natural area of non-native species you want them to die. But when they make up your garden or golf course, their demise is both painful and expensive.

Good Looking Golfers Who Age Well

My oldest son subscribes to ESPN and the magazine comes to our house, although he no longer lives here. The Body Issue features Gary Player on the cover, more or less in the nude, and I was amazed at how good he looks - at 77 years old! no less. He's by far and away the oldest "body" in this issue, but maybe because I see so many older Baby Boomers (Charlie and I included) I found Gary Player to be really attractive.

In the July 19 issue of GolfWeek the wedge designer, Roger Callaway, is featured and he's another older golfer who has stayed in shape and looks terrific for someone nearly 80 (Roger Callaway is about the same age as my dad and looks so much like my father that I'm sending Dad this article. My father is in great shape, too.)

Personalized Golf Bags - A Statement

Personalized golf bags are a luxury item that signify ego, attachment and humor. Corporate logos are often embroidered down the side of the bag, whereas names or initials are usually relegated to the ball pocket.

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