White Hawk and Glenwoodie

The boys played White Hawk, Crown Point, IN and Glenwoodie, a local course in Glenwood, IL. The rain has been a positive factor for course conditions for the most part, although rounds are down substantially this season. There are deals for most of the public courses such that even a person on a limited income can play once a week.

White Hawk cost only $29 for 18 holes with an "instant" online coupon for $10. There are four nine hole courses and three of them are in great condition: Red, Black and Gray. The guys played Gray and then Silver, which was needs a lot of work. It obviously gets the least maintenance and suffers from crew abuse. Regular players know about the Silver course and choose to play two of the other three or one of the others twice for 18 holes. Info is available at WHITE HAWK, IN

Glenwoodie is a mature course about 40 minutes from Chicago's southside and the home course for Mount Carmel High School. The guys have played this course many times, but this Tuesday was the last time they will probably play it together for the foreseeable future.

Is it the European Decade?

Watching Rory McIlroy dominate the U.S. Open is like watching Tiger Woods ten years ago. The decade that Tiger dominated golf made the game so interesting, unlike any time except for the few years Seve Ballasteros was playing his best in the early '80s.

Jack Nicklas will probably hold on to his title of most wins, but he was a boring player to watch: too slow, too white bread. I couldn't understand golf's appeal when Nicklas reigned and I'm not the only one. Most of the Tour players were and are still like that, especially the Americans.

McIlroy is a reminder of how much fun golf can be to watch when the right combination of youth, confidence and skill produce amazing results. He may not have that kind of inner magic Tiger had to beat up the competition for as long as he did, but Rory may inspire himself and the younger Tour players in a way that makes golf popular again.

Fathers Day Comes Once a Year

In many ways Fathers Day is like Christmas at the golf shop. It's the one day of the year when dads are given golf clubs (or other gear) without concern for price. There are enough new gadgets, driver models, putter choices and golf balls to make any dad, uncle or grandfather a happy golfer.

We offering a free $25 gift card with the purchase of a Bushnell V2 Patriot Rangefinder, Golf Buddy GPS World or Callaway uPro MX Golf GPS, all available on the website. We're also getting some Callaway 2011 Diablo Octane drivers on a deal.

If the rain or heat keep Dad inside there's always the Perfect Putting Aid for putting practice. We use it at the shop to show customers how shoulder alignment, stance and stroke noticeably improve with this device.

There are always golf balls and the Titleist NXT line is $5 off or get a free dozen Callaway Tour i(s) or i(z) with a Vector Pro Launch Monitor fitting. Like getting two Fathers Day gifts for the price of one.

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