Florida Golf is Another Adventure

A customer came by the shop today and mentioned he read the blog I wrote about Scottsdale golf. He prefers Florida to Arizona because he owns race horses and his stable is there. He'd just come back from Florida where he has a house in a golf community in Orlando. He's tired of driving and wants me to ship a set of clubs to his Florida address so he won't have to take them on the plane.

Another customer at the counter piped up about how much he loved Florida this time of year, before the heat set in. This guy goes to Orlando at least twice a year where a bunch of his retired friends live and they play 18 to 27 holes of golf every day, usually at a new place. Orlando is his favorite destination because of all the things the wives can do there besides play golf.

I've been to Florida several times, but only to Orlando once for the PGA Show and didn't have enough time to do anything but work. It's a city I want to visit for fun and play some golf.

Spend Spring in Scottsdale

The song, "Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most" came to my mind several times since the end of March. Chicago weather has been dreadful with a capital "D." All but a handful of days for nearly six weeks were cold and/or wet.

Not surprisingly, many of the golfers who come to our shop left for where the weather was a lot better. And most of those trips were to Arizona -- it is hard to beat that state in general, and Scottsdale in particular, for beautiful weather and great golf this time of year.

Our son, Jack, is graduating May 10 from ASU and Charlie is going to AZ for the graduation. He and Jack are playing golf on Friday and are looking to play one of the many courses in Scottsdale where both the locals and snow birds frequent. There are so many to choose from! A full lineup is at Scottsdale Golf.

Ways to Reverse the Decline in Golf Play

The declining number of golfers has the PGA, LPGA and USGA worried about the future of golf in the U.S. There will continue to be private clubs and even muni courses where avid golfers will play. The big concern is with the number of casual golfers who have reduced the number of rounds played per year or dropped out of the links scene altogether.

Avid golfers have always represented a much larger percent of rounds played than casual golfers. However, the future growth of the game depends on converting casual golfers into avid golfers, which is a function of time, money and skill. If your friends all play golf that helps, too.

A few proposals have been presented in the trade publications that, in my opinion, should be tested where results could be reliably measured.

1. Simplify the rules; Go back to the original 13 rules in the Articles & Laws In Playing Golf of 1744. Most golfers know or can understand these rules. The rules won't stop cheating but they make it easy for the vast majority of golfers to play by them.

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