What's Hot for Titleist 910 Driver Shafts

Duffy recently attended a Titleist fitting training at Glenview Country Club and came back with some good information on the Titleist fitting philosophy. Interestingly, the Titleist fitting specialist emphasized loft and length over shaft selection.

The only reason I can see why loft would given priority is that loft is also important for a wedge (Vokey) and an a putter (Scotty Cameron).

Since only drivers were being tested what is also interesting is how many shaft options Titleist offers, both as stock and custom. We were given Titleist's Top Ten Shaft list as follows:

  • - 75% of Titleist custom driver orders consist of our ten most popular shafts
  • - 80% of Titleist custom fairway orders consist of our ten most popular shafts
  • - 71% of Titleist custom hybrid orders request a stock Titleist shaft.
  • - The most popular non-stock shaft is the Graphite Design DI-6 ($125 upcharge)

  • Swing Makeovers - Are They Possible?

    The 2011 golf season is beginning to show some life with the arrival of spring weather. I've noticed a blip up in golfers getting back into the game and some of them are talking about improving their swing. I don't do much in the way of actual club fitting but I almost always ask a golfer buying new clubs to set up with them. This is an easy way to see if the clubs are too long, too flat or too upright.

    It amazes me how many golfers, new and returning, don't have the fundamentals of grip, posture and stance in place. I'm not much of a golfer but I know the fundamentals and there is no way to improve one's swing without mastering these physical points. It's like not having balance and trying to ride a bicycle.

    Many golfers can improve their swing by reviewing their fundamentals first. Here are some rules of thumb for identifying areas that need specific attention:

    Good Early Start for the PGA Season

    Bubba Watson’s win over Phil Michelson and Jhonattan Vegas was an exciting start to a season with lots of speculation over TV ratings and purse sizes. (Just a note: It was nice to see a local guy, D. A. Points, the 5th place finisher play well).

    Viewership was down 30% last year and the TV ratings are not likely to be much better this year unless something special happens. The 20 something PGA players and European pros are fun to watch and add some excitement to the game. Let’s hope the casual golf fans tune in.

    The LPGA tour is in even worse shape. The tour players get to play for “mock money” at the new Founders Club event in March and sponsorship has been so hard to get that a quarter of the tournaments are being played in east Asia.
    It doesn’t help that the LPGA tournaments are only shown on the Golf Channel, which half of Chicago doesn’t get.

    I’d rather play golf than watch it, but the two go hand-in-hand if there’s a future for tournament play. We’ll just have to see.

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