The Future for Golf is Looking Grim

The recession and the impact it’s had on the golf industry has made it tough to feel much hope for the (near) future. A recent report about the drop in the number of golfers ages 25-44 -- 26% since 1990 -- makes me think independent shops like Klees Golf are entering the twilight years. 

If the percent of people who play golf continues to drop because of “no time, no need, no money” while the trend to buy on-line continues to rise, even many of the big box stores will close.  Right now, the future for golf equipment sales in the U.S. does not look good. 

Will the Asian and Latino markets overseas be the answer to the golf industry’s woes? Will the PGA do more than pay lip service to getting a round of golf down to less than 4 hours? Will course managers figure out how to make golf a first choice for family fun instead of something Dad plays to get out of work?

A crysal ball would be handy right now.

Customization is King

Now that most of the new pro-line drivers have adjustable hosels and interchangeable shafts, and many of the woods and putters have adjustable weights, customization is now king. You can get a wood, wedge, iron or putter with multiple shaft options, weights, flexes, head positions, lie and loft angles, and be able to adjust some (or all) of these factors before you start a round.

This makes it attractive to actually have more than one shaft, head weight combination or clubface position available to match the course conditions or swing patterns a golfer might exhibit, but only understand with the use of a launch monitor.

With winter around the corner and the new pro-line clubs coming out each month between now and March, it's the perfect time to schedule a club or shaft fitting. Klees Golf Shop has clubhead and shaft combinations chosen to make finding the best driver, fairway wood, iron or putter an enjoyable experience.

Click on Club Fitting for complete information or call us at 866-241-9687 to schedule an appointment.


Raising the Bar for Customer Service

In years past I've commented on how Callaway Golf raised the bar for customer service, particularly with warranty repairs. Well, this company continues to surprise me with the level of service they provide to insure customer satisfaction.

We have a very good customer who decided to buy Callaway irons this year. He's someone who buys three or four sets every year and is a trend setter at the club where he plays.  He's also had some health issues and is discovering his swing is less than what it used to be.

We ordered his first set in one model with steel shafts. He didn't like them and Callaway replaced this set with another model with steel shafts at no charge. He decided the steel shafts were too heavy and we sent that set back to get re-shafted in graphite. Callaway sent us a label to have these clubs picked up and reshafted at no charge.

I couldn't believe it. No other vendor would replace the set and the shafts on their dime, AND pick up the freight. This is not a small deal like reshafting a broken driver.

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