TGI Over for 2009

Thank goodness it's over for 2009. Between the turmoil in the golf industry, the economy and Tiger Wood's life I couldn't wait for 2009 to end.  None of that turmoil has subsided much but I feel better prepared to cope.

Another local competitor, Cam's Golf, closed its doors and some of their customers have visited our shop.  It's too early to tell if Cam's closing will make any difference to us, but it probably won't hurt.

I'm revising the website (again) to position it as a resource for used clubs, hard to find items and collectibles. New clubs will get write ups and I'll let you know what you can get at our Chicago shop. However, you will have to call or email to buy new equipment if you can't visit the store.


Glorious Weather, Glorious Courses, Glorious Golf

Well, I did what I said I’d do this weekend:  I went to the BMW Championship at Dubs Dread (Cog Hill #4) on Friday and the U.S. Senior Amateur Open at Beverly Country Club today.  I had a great time.   

2009 – The Year of the Melt Down

A year ago I was sitting in my car listening to the second installment of a Planet Money series on NPR and realized the USA was moving into the vortex of a financial melt down. The shock of that realization woke me up every morning for the next nine months.   

I’ve had a similar, albeit less dramatic sense about golf that started with The Masters tournament and has grown with each major.  New equipment sales have taken a beating alongside the declining stature of the star players.   

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