Ping i20 Series - Prebook the New i20 Driver, Fairway Woods, Hybrids and Irons for Febrary 6 Ship Date

Prebook the new Ping i20 Driver, fairway woods, hybrids or irons and get your order drop shipped for no extra charge.

Ping i20 Driver: in 8.5, 9.5 or 10.5 degree lofts; Ping Graphite or Project X shaft; regular, stiff or X-stiff

Ping i20 Fairway wood: in 3+, 3 or 5; Ping Graphite or Project X shaft; regular, stiff, x-stiff

Ping i20 Hybrids: in 17, 20 and 23 degree lofts; Ping Graphite or Project X shaft; regular, stiff or X-stiff

Ping i20 Irons: any combination of six, seven or eight irons; steel or graphite shafts; color code, length and flex for your specifications.

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Clubs will ship by February 6, 2012

PING i20 Driver 

The i20 driver's aerodynamic 460cc head is an especially good fit for golfers who rely on a low-spin, penetrating trajectory to maximize distance, accuracy, and workability.

• Two dense tungsten sole weights in the Ti 8-1-1 head elevate the MOI for forgiveness across the clubface, and they position the CG for optimal launch conditions.

• A lower MOI about the shaft axis gives the golfer complete command of the face at impact for shaping shots. The i20s' striking matte-black finish absorbs light to eliminate glare and reflections.


PING i20 Fairway Wood 

• With their low CG and larger face, the stainless steel i20 fairway woods are versatile performers, helping golfers launch the ball with ease from any lie.

• When the ball is sitting down, the i20s' compact shape ensures the head will glide through the grass and launch the ball high, long and straight.

• Setup is square and the rotation of the perimeter-weighted head is neutral. A low MOI about the shaft axis gives the golfer command of the clubface for shaping shots.


PING i20 Hybrid

• The stainless steel i20 hybrids have a small, compact head shape that is neutral and sets up square for easy alignment.

• Perimeter weighting ensures a high MOI, and the low-deep CG helps launch the ball from tight lies or heavy grass with optimal trajectory to stop the ball on the green.

• Workability comes from a low MOI about the shaft axis, allowing the golfer to shape shots with confidence.


PING i20 Irons 

• Multi–metal irons that offer optimized performance through progressive set design and these forgiving, high–launching long irons blend into more–penetrating mid- and short irons, offering control for precise shot making.

• Dense tungsten toe weight provides forgiveness across the face for accurate results as well as a high-launch, low–spin trajectory. Distance control and a solid feel come from a thicker hitting area and stabilizing bars in the cavity and a low moment of inertia about the shaft axis gives golfers the ability to shape shots with confidence.

• Finished off with a non–glare chrome finish and black-and-silver color scheme, offering a contemporary look.