Vector Pro Fitting Module

Klees Golf Shop offers shaft and ball fitting using the Vector Pro Launch Monitor, the most widely used system for evaluating ball flight.

 Vector Pro Launcher Screenshot
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The Vector Pro Fitting Module delivers all of the information you need to fit woods and balls on one screen.

The Vector Pro sets the standard in club fitting technology and provides the ultimate tool for selecting the correct shaft, ball or driver. It is currently used by professional club fitters, golf professionals and manufacturers. The main club fitting features include:

  • The Vector Pro Shot Score sets a new industry standard for measuring the performance of each golf shot. You now have a quick and simple way to compare equipment and ball performance.
  • The Vector Pro Group Score function provides a running average of all of the individual Shot Scores and is a quick reference for club and swing comparison.
  • The Vector Pro Shots Screen allows you to track different clubs and plot average performance. The Database stores club and ball information for easy reference in future fitting sessions.
  • The Vector Pro Analysis Screen is a quick and simple look to determine how best to improve distance through “What if modeling." You can see the effects of changing shot characteristics such as launch angle and spin.
  • The Vector Pro Impact Screen indicates the club angle of attack making it easy to suggest swing or shaft, ball or equipment changes.
  • The Vector Pro Profile Screen graphically displays each shot on a simulated hole to better judge accuracy and Distance.
  • The Vector Pro Practice Range allows golfers to select targets at different distances and makes indoor practice more productive by accurately displaying ball flight information.

Rates for Vector Pro Fitting:

  • $25 for ball fitting: Up to five different golf balls can be evaluated for best fit.
  • $100 for driver or shaft fitting: Test combinations of premium driver heads and shafts; complete fitting takes 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Klees Golf Shop features Fujikura and Oban shafts for best performance.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for a ball or driver fitting please email us at Duffy@Kleesgolf.