What Goes Around Comes Around

The Titleist rep dropped off a custom 714 AP2 iron set that a PGA pro had ordered and maybe hit three or four irons. The set had KBS Tour X-stiff shafts, which few golfers can hit, so we put them on eBay. I listed them twice - lots of viewers but no bidders.

When the 2nd listing ended I got an email from an eBay buyer who wanted to know if he could trade in a new set of AP2 irons, same model, for the ones we had with the KBS shafts. Charlie took over from there and the two of them agreed on a trade plus $100.

The buyer was at one time an assistant pro at a country club but decided to become a preacher. The set of AP2 irons he ordered was sent back to Titleist TWICE: once for lie/loft corrections and a second time because the chrome was peeling off some of the irons. The guy decided the set wasn't right for him or for his son, a junior high student whose coach said the kid needed x-stiff shafts.

Now, how many 13 or 14 year old boys do you know who should be hitting KBS Tour X-Stiff shafts?

So, the preacher's irons show up and Charlie sees that the hosels don't have registration numbers etched on them. He calls Titleist and is told that the irons can't be legit. CK now wants to scotch the whole deal and calls the preacher back.

Amazingly, the golfer/preacher insists that Titleist reheaded the original shafts and in order to expedite the return - remember, this is the 2nd time these clubs went back to Titleist - the custom department skipped the reg number stamping. So Charlie calls Titleist back, who gets in touch with the preacher, who gets a return label so that we can send the irons back to Titleist for registration numbers.

IThe preacher's set came back yesterday with the registration numbers stamped on the hosel and I now have another set to list on eBay. Just what I want to do.

Interesting post script: There was a spec sheet in the box with hand written specs on the back side showing that the original specs were not followed correctly. Thus, the first return. I'm going to take a picture of that sheet and include in the eBay listing.