2018 Mizuno Irons

This year's new Mizuno golf clubs consists of 3 different types of Irons. Those are MP-18 SC, MP-18 MMC, and MP-18 MMC FLI - HI which are all great clubs. The MP-18 SC is often described as the most accurate Iron because it was intentionally created for a more solid impact yet at the same time lets the ball flight more consistent. On the other hand, the MP-18 MMC is much more of an exotic type of Iron. Its high density allows for players to get a softer impact. Whereas the MP-18 MMC FLI-HI is considered the most powerful Iron. The club has an extremely strong steel that allows for a thin, hot face for higher initial ball speed and overall distance. The slightly heavier weight provides a high and easy launch for golfers. Overall all these three different types of Iron are great and is designed for different players strengths!