Club Repairs

golf club repairs: grips, shafts, re-finish


Klees Golf Shop has been reshafting clubs longer than any shop in the United States. Charlie Klees, the grandson of the shop founder, was trained by Scottish club makers when there were still a few of them around 50 years ago. He and the repair staff can reshaft any club from any era.

We can install a new graphite shaft to match your old one in flex and quality. Cost for graphite shafts range from $45 to $350, depending on the shaft. This price includes the grip (Cord and Winn grips are extra).

If you really want the shaft to match the rest of the set AND the break is right at the hosel, we can re-use your graphite shaft and extend it so that it comes out the right length. Cost for this repair is $12.00. A new grip is extra.

All About Grips

Grips: There are lots of grips available - too many to choose from. Klees Golf Shop has the following grips in stock most of the time:

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