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The Business of Golf

While learning about Drupal, the content management system the underlies the new website upgrade, I discovered that FastCompany, a magazine/e-zine recently migrated to Drupal.

In another life I read FastCompany regularly.  It's still a good publication for the new world worker whose business is as much on his iPhone as it is on his desk.

To my surprise one of the feature articles on FastCompany's website was titled The Business of Golf.  This article turned out to be mostly golf industry trivia well suited for 19th hole conversation.  Maybe the kind that will close a deal.

I've included it here, along with some editorial for good measure.

Vokey Spin Milled 60-L and 60-E Now Available

Coming to Klees Golf Shop:  Vokey limited release Spin Milled 60-L and 60-L wedges, one of each.  Only 200 of each wedge have been issued.

The 60-E has a special QPQ finish and is a mid-bounce wedge with trailing edge and subtle heel and toe relief for all around playability.  The narrow but full sole with a larger playable bounce surface make the 60-E good for a variety of playing styles and conditions.

Specs: Loft - 60 deg, measured bounce - 11 deg., effective bounce - 8 deg., swingweight - D5

The 60-L has the QPQ finish and is constructed as a shot-maker's wedge with Tour-proven heel, toe and trailing edge relief for reduced ground resistance and increased versatility.  The narrow crescent shaped bound surface reduces the effective bounce making it excellent for firm conditions and slider-sweepers.

Specs:  Loft - 60 deg., measured bounce - 13 deg., effective bounce - 5 deg., swingweight - D5

limited edition vokey 60-L and 60-E wedges

Motore F1 65

Fujikura is introducing the new Motore F1 Series for 2009.
The Motore F1 Series shafts feature Fujikura's proprietary and proven high inertia tip (H.I.T.) technology, which stores more energy during the downswing and releases the energy just before impact, while maintaining the stability of the entire club. The result, company officials said, is greater distance and accuracy in all clubs.

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