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Ping's Top Selling Models - Fit & Affordable

Ping is offering something none of the other manufacturers offer: Best selling models that can be custom fit for less than the original prices. Example: Gs and G30 irons are significantly below their original prices but with the same custom options.

Ping has always been a leader in fitting and custom options, but has extended this leadership across the board with six different iron models, seven driver models and multiple models of fairway woods, wedges and putters. None of these models is a close-out or a "package" price point.


This means you can get a Ping iron set, driver or other Ping club at a price you can afford without sacrificing quality or fit.


Counterbalanced, Dual Balanced, Counter-weighted Putters

The newest trend in putters in counterbalanced, where additional weight is added to the head and that weight is balanced by more weight in the butt end with a massive grip or counterweight, or both. Heavy Putters, counter-weight kits and grips like Tiger Shark have been around for awhile, and probably accomplish somewhat the same thing that counterbalancing does now.

The idea is to keep the hands and wrists still during the putting stroke, maintain a rhythmic swing and avoid whacking the ball. The heavier putter heads, which have been in vogue since Scotty Cameron starting weighting the heads to match the shaft lengths 14 years ago, tend to keep the putter face square during impact. The counterweighting or counterbalancing should help keep the hands quiet.

Changing Your Shaft Is Easier Than Ever

Most of the top pro-line brands such as Adams, Callaway, Nike, Ping, Titleist and TaylorMade, offer drivers with adjustable hosels that let you change the loft and, in some cases, the face position, using a supplied wrench. Titleist offers this option with their 913 fairway woods and hybrids. The manufacturers offer a wide range of shafts fitted with tips that can be interchanged with their respective drivers, which lets you play with your favorite club without sacrificing performance on windy days, long or short courses or other conditions where one shaft/loft combination would work better than another.

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