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Footwear Priorities

A few months ago Golfweek Magazine interviewed Doug Robinson, VP of shoe product and design for FootJoy.  Some of his points about shoe design and fit are worth recapping in this second Golf Talk article about shoes.

Golf Shoes: Why Fit Matters, Part One

Klees Golf Shop has been selling golf shoes over 50 years, and at one time shoes made up a significant percent of the shop’s overall business.  This was before you could buy golf shoes at Big Box sporting goods stores.

Iron Medallions Have Multiple Uses

Callaway Golf was the first company to use medallions on the back of 1993 Big Bertha iron to dampen the sound made when the oversize, thin iron face hit a golf ball.  Since then many club manufactures have designed irons with medallions on the back of the heads to soften feel, dampen vibration, improve consistency, lower the center of gravity or simply make the club look good.

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