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Synopsis of the New Grooves

What's so as of Jan, 2010: 1. The original Ping Eye2 wedges manufactured before 1990 were grandfathered for professional use, which means you can use these wedges in any form of play regardless of the new USGA regulations. Ironically, it was the Ping Eye2 model, afterall, that started this whole controversy about square grooves (aka U-grooves) and ball spin. 2. The PGA, European and LPGA Tours were given priority for the new wedge rule affecting all manufacturer's models this year. From what I understand the conforming wedge models from all the major brands are in limited production for the tour...

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Shoe Terms for Fit – A Mini-Glossary

There are many websites that deal with shoes and terms.  However, this post focuses on the terms used in golf shoe catalogs that include descriptions of shoe lasts, e.g., FootJoy and Nike. I called Darlene at Baron's Shoes in Mt. Greenwood, a local shoe store that offers high quality street, dress and athletic shoes, as well as excellent fitting service.  (They are also a great place to find Daniel Green slippers).  Darlene is a well spring of shoe information, knows as much about feet as many podiatrists and also plays golf.  She kindly explained the terms I asked her about so that...

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Footwear Priorities

A few months ago Golfweek Magazine interviewed Doug Robinson, VP of shoe product and design for FootJoy.  Some of his points about shoe design and fit are worth recapping in this second Golf Talk article about shoes. "Good golf shoes can enhance traction and stability, and what shoe engineers call ground reaction forces." This is the response of the ground to the force that the golfer exerts on it during his swing.  The more leg power a golfer uses to generate club head speed the greater the ground reaction force the ground beneath his feet is likely to produce. An increase...

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Golf Shoes: Why Fit Matters, Part One

Golf shoe brands have come and gone over the decades with FootJoy maintaining its number 1 position despite tremendous competition from Nike, Ecco and Adidas.  Callaway and Etonic are also tough competitors, especially on price. Aside from style, weight or price, however, the most important factor in choosing golf shoes is fit.  Fit in a shoe is determined by the way it is molded around the foot.  A shoe mold is called a last, and represents the anatomical information of the foot that particular mold—or last--is designed to fit. All golf shoes are patterned after specific lasts.  When you find a shoe that fits...

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Iron Medallions Have Multiple Uses

Callaway Golf was the first company to use medallions on the back of 1993 Big Bertha iron to dampen the sound made when the oversize, thin iron face hit a golf ball.  Since then many club manufactures have designed irons with medallions on the back of the heads to soften feel, dampen vibration, improve consistency, lower the center of gravity or simply make the club look good. Every Ping iron made today has a medallion.  The medallion in the G10 is more noticeable than the one in the S57, but both are designed to dampen vibration and improve feel. The...

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Rangefinders: Are They Legal?

Submitted by Eileen on Sun, 05/14/2006 - 09:00 There’s been a flurry of interest in rangefinders and GPS devices that many golfers are using to determine distances. We were carrying the Bushnell Pinseeker Rangefinder and a few years ago we carried the SkyGolf SkyCaddie, which at the time was a Palm Vx with special software. The Palm version of the Sky Caddie was pricey and too complicated. It was also so new that most people couldn’t see how they’d use it. Today, customers are asking about the Bushnell and continue to gasp at the price (over $400). Charlie has warned...

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Picking a Putter

No matter what shape or size putter is "hot" right now, keep this cardinal rule in mind when looking for a new putter...These tips for selecting a putter are very good and easy to remember. I got them from Golf for Women" magazine. No matter what shape or size putter looks good to you, keep this cardinal rule in mind when trying out new ones: Don't adjust your setup to suit a putter; pick a putter that comfortably fits your established putting style. Here are some tips that may help you make a choice. LENGTH Select a putter that fits...

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Back in the Grooves Again?

U-grooves on wedges give you more spin--the better to stop that ball on the green. Should that be enough to ban them?There has been a number of articles about wedge grooves in the golf publications, specifically comparing V-grooves with U-grooves for effecting ball spin. The USGA recently produced a report about the advantage that U-grooves have over V-grooves for getting the ball out of the rough. This report may be a harbinger of future rulings that result in all U-grooved wedges (and possibly, irons) becoming illegal or non-conforming. Most irons are made using a cast process, which involves wax molds....

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Moment of Inertia–Part One

High Moment of Inertia or MOI is the what's HOT in driver head design. It's also what's been increased in putter head design, wide soled irons and any other item where more mass has been added to the back, side or bottom of the clubhead. So what is MOI?If you are thinking about getting one of the new square drivers you might be interested in what the hype is about. A good place to start is Tom Wishon's article about MOI vs Head Shape in his October, 2006 eTECH Report. enewsletter Here is an overview of the physics pertaining to...

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Launch Monitor Test of Golf Balls

Is distance the only measure a launch monitor tests of a golf ball?  Yes and no. Ball spin can tell you a lot more than how far a ball will go, and not just off your driver. If you want more distance off the tee you should test a few golf balls using a launch monitor.  This kind of test is the most accurate means of determining which ball will go the farthest with your swing, all things being equal. However, the launch monitor can tell you a lot about your ball flight, whether the ball will slice or hook,...

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