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About Putters

Whether it’s a Cameron, Rife, Odyssey or Ping, (or any of a dozen other brands), there’s a putter out there that will work for you.

There are several entries on this website about putters and putting,
so this digest from GolfWeek, Jan 31, will not sound new.  However, the important elements of getting a good putter are worth repeating.

–Amateurs tend to use putters that are too long.  Getting fit for a 33in to 34in putter
improves mechanics because this length matches most people’s arm lengths.
–Head weight makes a difference.  Putter heads have become heavier in the past
five years in order to help keep one’s hands still and square the face at
impact.  Length and grip size affectswingweight, so do a weight check on your putter if you change the length or grip.
–Find the proper lie. The standard lie of 71 to 72 deg is supposed to lift the toe off the
ground by a degree or two.  If your putter looks too level or you feel the toe or heel is stuck in the ground get the lie adjusted.  (Klees Golf Shop can do that).                                                              –Pick a grip that optimizes hand contact, balance and swingweight for your stroke.  This may mean
trying out grips, which are inexpensive experiments compared to buying a new putter.
–Match the putter with the stroke.  Understanding little things like your dominant eye, putter swing path, grip, set up and how you aim will affect putter choice.  So features like head size, weight, insert, hosel and alignment aids are design elements that can work for or against your putting style.
–There are so many putter choices that it makes sense to find one that is actually designed (more
or less) to fit you.  Your putter should help you keep the face square at impact, cause the ball to start rolling instead of skidding, and inspire confidence with the way it looks and feels.
–Regardless of what putter you choose, for consistent and accurate putting strokes eliminate unnecessary motion!  Keep your arms close to your sides, hands and wrists completely still, and swing from the shoulders and upper back, not your arms.

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