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Getting Fit for Irons using Fitting Carts

Most of the manufacturers of irons provide fitting carts to their dealers so that golfers can try out different combinations of shafts (weight/length/flex), lie angles and model playability. Mizuno Golf introduced a fitting system that enables a golfer to actually measure these important specs during the swing using the Shaft Optimizer.

The Shaft Optimizer is designed to measure club-head speed, swing tempo, toe down (refers to lie angle), kick angle (refers to flex) and release point (also a flex reference). These metrics enable the club fitter to pick out three shafts and two or three head models likely to best match the golfer’s swing.

Since the heads can be interchanged with the shafts it is fairly easy to verify the shaft-head combination that feels and performs the best for that golfer. The clubheads have different weights so that a golfer needing a longer or shorter club will get an accurate reading right away.

The length, lie angle, flex and grip size are determined and verified using the typical measurements and strike board test (see CLUB FITTING).

Our fitting cart has 49 different shafts, which provide thousands of combinations if you actually wanted to try all 49 shafts with every head model. More practically, this set up virtually guarantees that you will find a Mizuno iron that works for your game.

An excellent video on Mizuno’s Shaft Optimizer system is at Mizuno’s Golf Media Center.

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