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Grooves Update

As reported in the recent golf trade publications Ping agreed to a ban of its original Eye2 clubs on the PGA Tour. The rather tiresome hissy fits that some of the Tour players had over Phil Michelson’s use of Eye2 wedges this year prompted John Solheim of Ping and the PGA to agree that as of March 29, no Eye2 clubs made between 1984 and 1990 will be used on the major professional tours.

Solheim expected this to happen when the USGA first proposed new groove rules in late 2007. Grandfathering in the Eye2 clubs opened up a can of worms that no one needed or wanted outside the USGA.

This new prohibition does not apply to amateurs where Eye2 irons and wedges can be used indefinitely.  The new groove rules don’t apply to amateur championships until 2014 and won’t apply to club events until 2024.

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