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New Grooves Rules Only Hurt Amateurs

Despite the new USGA groove rules now in effect for all Tour play you would never know anything has changed for most of the pros’ short game. The new conforming wedge grooves actually produce a higher trajectory with medium ball spin (for soft landings) and result in almost no appreciable difference in distance for most touring pros.

The pros hit the ball longer and higher than almost all amateurs and can produce more ball spin even with the conforming grooves. However, the new grooves don’t help the average golfer at all, yet will be required on all irons as of 2024.

The difference between touring pros and the rest of us has grown from a gap to a gulf, and the USGA’s equipment rules exacerbate that distance.  As many golf industry observers have noted, if golf is to grow in popularity equipment design and regulations need to benefit amateurs, not punish them.

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